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Current Offerings - Fall/Winter 2016


Farmstead Chevre

  •  Pasteurized Caromont Farm farmstead goat’s milk
  •  Creamy, lactic
  •  Vegetarian rennet
  •  1, 2, and 5 pound tubs
  • 10-pack of 6 oz. retail cups

Our Fresh Chevre was the first cheese produced on the farm in 2007. Expressing clean and
mild notes, it soon earned critical and popular acclaim, and today remains a bestseller. It is a
simple expression of farmstead milk.
A fresh lactic chevre slowly cultured and allowed to coagulate overnight, creating a mild and
extremely creamy texture. The next day the curds are drained by gravity and lightly salted.


2nd Place, American Cheese Society, American Made/International Style 2013

  •  Raw Caromont Farm farmstead goat’s milk
  •  Natural rind, semi-firm, enzymatic
  •  Kid rennet
  •  Aged on farm minimum 60 days
  •  2.2 pounds (average weight) per wheel

Caromont Farm is close to the tiny village of Esmont – one road, no stoplight, and the kind
of small town post office of a bygone era. This cheese is named for our home town.
A small rustic tomme, made in an Italian basket mould. The Esmontonian begins with notes
of minerality, a touch of citrus, and finishes with a delicate earthy aroma and a toasted maple
note. With age expect a more picante note and a dry grana like texture.

Mt. Alto Feta

  • Pasteurized Caromont Farm farmstead goat's milk
  • Greek Feta-style
  • Calf rennet
  • Aged in a whey/salt brine
  • Sold in 1 lb tubs (inquire about bulk options)